Wordle Science!

Wordle: Science!

Looking for a colorful way to waste some time?  Check out www.wordle.net and paste in some text (or a blog post or two…).  Wordle will find frequently occurring words in the text and create a ‘word cloud’ – a swarming concoction of the words you used most.  You could spend hours playing around with different colors, layouts, and fonts.  Trust  me.

(Do you think any journals would accept a Wordle instead of an abstract?)


~ by Meghan on March 30, 2009.

5 Responses to “Wordle Science!”

  1. This is really cool, thanks for sharing! I tried making a wordle of my blog but I don’t think the algorithm looks at the entire blog history. The word cloud it was creating for me looked like it was only using my most recent post.

  2. I’m using wordle instead of tables in some of my chapters. My committee has mixed reviews. Mostly no’s. I would love to see it rather than more boring tables. Its great for presentations though…

  3. K, you made me laugh out loud- and then I couldn’t decide if you were joking or not! 🙂 I have a committee meeting in a month- should I prepare an hour long powerpoint, or do you think I can sum everything up in a worlde?

  4. T- Post the link to your wordle!

  5. Alright, you asked for it. I was hesitant to post it because it doesn’t capture my entire blog content and the particular subject that it does capture is somewhat…intense?


    All the content that wordle extracted appears to be from a single lengthy post I made this last week:


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